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We also specialize in cleaning & sealing of all types of tiles.

We use a carbonated cleaning solution called (Natural) onto the carpeting, applying sufficient solution to moisten the fibre adequately but not saturate them, We then brush in the solution to break down or emulsify stains.

Within the solution is carbon dioxide which is the active cleaning ingredient. It separates the soil from the fibres and brings it to the surface for extraction.

Then, using a commercial machine with soft absorbent pads, we absorb the dirty solution rather than flush it out. we believe that a certain amount of moisture is very necessary to clean effectively. the dry powders are too dry.

They may remove the surface staining but rarely get right down to the root of the problem hence the stains often rises up to the surface after a short time.

However, the amount of moisture must not be overdone and cause inconvenience and possible carpet rotting. When we are finished the carpet is only slightly damp and usually dries within a hour or two. This is obviously much more convenient.

Tygerberg Carpet Cleaners

Our highly trained staff will assist you in identifying your carpet type, problem areas, and solutions on how we will be able to clean your carpets, upholstery, blinds, mattresses, curtains and loose carpets.

Tygerberg Carpet Cleaners